September 12 – September 14, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

12. - 14. 9. 2018
Prague, Czech RepublicWEDNESDAY
September 12, 2018
17.00 - 19.00 Registration
18.00 - 19.00 Welcome drink
September 13, 2018
8.00 - 9.00 Registration
9.00 - 9.15 Opening of the 24th ICHP 2018 – Welcome address
9.15 - 10.15 Opening Session

Josef Nevrlý, Zdeněk Němec, Ivo Pazdera and Michal Nožka
Simulation of Drive for Electric-Hydraulic Excavator

Jiří Tůma, Jiří Šimek, Milada Kozubková, Miroslav Mahdal and Miroslav Pawlenka
Theoretical and Experimental Analysis of the Bearing Journal Motion due to Fluid Force Caused by the Oil Film

Takao Nishiumi and Takayoshi Ichiyanagi
Study on a Helmholtz Type Hydraulic Silencer with Variable Resonance Mechanism

10.15 - 10.45 Coffee break
10.45 - 12.00 Section II: Hydraulic Components

Patrik Bordovsky, Philip Amos Merkel, Hubertus Murrenhoff and Olivier Reinertz
Development of a Prototype Valve for a Hydro-mechanical Braking-torque Control used on Railway Disc Brakes

Ivan Baus, Robert Rahmfeld, Andreas Schumacher and Henrik Clemmensen Pedersen
Load Cycle Investigation of Axial Piston Units Integrated into a Forwarder Application

Jozef Micieta, Peter Chlebana, Michal Masny and Peter Krissak
Improvement of Production Quality Related to Leakage at Hydrostatic Control Based on 1D Digital Twin

Jakub Homolka and Karel Pardamec
Gear Pump with Outer Teeth for Low Speed Operation, using the Arrangement of Pressure Field Inside the Pump

12.00 - 13.00 Lunch
13.00 - 14.45 Section III: Modelling and Simulation

Milada Kozubkova, Marian Bojko, Jana Jablonská and Patrik Marcalík
Optimization Method for Designing Hydraulic Elements

Reza Mohammadi Asl and Heikki Handroos
Intelligent Parameter Identification of Hydraulic Systems Based on Salp Swarm Approach

Jaehong Cho and Jaehyeong Yoo
Development of Excavator HILS Simulator for Evaluating Leveling Motion

Martin Veselý
LNU-Fuzzy Network as a Mathematical Adaptive Model of a Hydraulic System

14.45 - 15.15 Coffee break
15.15 - 16.30 Section IV: Mobile Hydraulics

Seiji Hijikata, Philipp Weishaar, Roland Leifeld and Katharina Schmitz
Experimental Evaluation of System Efficiency for a Hydraulic Hybrid Architecture of Excavators

Miroslav Jurik
Energy Balancing of Hydrostatic System for Zero Emission Excavator

Michal Jůza and Petr Heřmánek
Comparison of the Energy Consumption of the Hydraulic Control System of the Universal Finishing Machine UDS 114

16.30 - 16.35 Closing of the first day, information about the city tour and dinner
17.30 - 19.00 Guided sightseeing tour across Prague
19.00 - 22.00 Dinner

September 14, 2018
9.00 - 10.15 Section V: Hydraulic Systems, Mobile Hydraulics

Pavel Ruzicka
The Modern Formulation of Hydraulic Fluids for the High Pressure Hydraulic Systems

Zdeněk Trojan, Václav Vondráček and Miroslav Malý
High Pressure Hydraulics in Diesel Engine Fuel System

Petr Noskievič and Martin Březina
Experimental Testing of Power Assisted Steering

Lukáš Beneš and Petr Heřmánek
Tensile Resistance of the Combine Harvester with Tracked Concept of Chassis

10.15 - 10.45 Coffee break
10.45 - 11.45 Section VI: Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems

Jagan Gorle, Ville Matti Heiskanen, Satu Nissi and Martin Majas
Effect of Temperature, Flow Rate and Contamination on Hydraulic Filtration

Tomáš Lazák, Eduard Stach and Matěj Sulitka
Machine Tool Vibration Reduction by Means of Hydrostatic Guideway

Jakub Homolka and Karel Pardamec
The use of Differential Gearing in Gear Pumps for to Reduce Pulsations in Hydraulic Systems

Lukáš Dvořák and Kamil Fojtášek
Measuring of Rotary Air Motors Characteristics

11.45 - 12.00 Closing of the ICHP 2018